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I'm trying to install a fresh copy of X Plane 11 but the installing is only letting me install the older version 11.05r2. When I go to pick an installation destination the installer says "Pick install destination for x-plane 11.05r2" (https://gyazo.com/ee3ee50b3028a44290b1214ba192ba75) when of course it should be the more current x plane version 11.2.

Any help is appreciated I didn't have this issue the first time I installed...

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Try downloading the latest version of the installer. Older installers may not be aware of newer versions of X-Plane (since they didn't exist when the installer was made).

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I tried that a few times before posting this, same issues however I found out I can get the latest 11.2 version by opting to downloading the demo version
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X-Plane 11.05 is probably what we have marked on our servers as the version to get as a new install. You will have to download that version, then update it immediately to get the latest.

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