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Hi Guys

I'm a newcomer to X Plane 11, and I want to know how to install sceneries by the easiest way. I've tried it with MISTER X 6. This does not work, because I haven't installed the version 1.5.This version I cannot find to download in the internet.

So, it would be perfect if somebody could help me.

Greetings Yves Schwyter

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Hi Yves,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Marys54 is correct in the simplicity of unpacking and moving the scenery pack into the appropriate location.  However, you just cant "plonk" (place) the files into the directory and expect it to work.  It needs to be in the correct order.  Try this link for further information which can be found at

Good luck and happy flying.


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The easiest way to install the scenery, is just to copy the entire folder into X-plane’s Custom Scenery folder. That does the trick, you don’t need any additional software to do it.

Happy flying.