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Installed X-plane 11 demo on new Dell Alienware Aurora with 34" monitor, when I double click executable, I get a black screen, I hear a muffled screen sound while screen is still black, then sound goes away.  After about 20 seconds I can hear the engine running.  When I ctrl-alt-delete to get to Task Manager, I can then see the cockpit, out the window, scenery, etc.  If I click into the X-plane app, screen goes black again.  Running Windows 10.  Installed to Desktop.  Help please!  Thanks.  Bob
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I'm having a similar issue. I tried going into windowed mode, but still get the same result. There is some pink color to the top left which looks like maybe it is trying to render some scenery but couldn't do it right.  Remaining part of the screen is black.

And I can hear the engine running.

When I check the task manager, it shows a process named

"X-system (Not responding)"

and no other process.

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looks to me like the full screen graphics settings do not sync with your monitor. When you switch to task manager, you go into the windowed mode, which works ok. Check full screen resolution and refresh rate suit your monitor capabilities. If not, change them or stay in windowed mode.

Happy flying.