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After the update this morning the flaps started falling off the default 172 at the drop of a hat even tho I am WELL within operating standards. I have seen a whole lot of rediculous answers in the posts that have come out over the last 5 years of so on the matter while trying to figure it out.

"You can't set the first notch until you are below 110 Knots..."

     Actually the 110 knots is for FULLY EXTENDED flaps not first notch.

"You have to set it in plane maker under Standard>Viewpoint..."

     According to the plane maker software itself That is only for painting the arcs on the airspeed indicator.

Sceriously, someone must know, the speeds are literally printed on the label for the flaps. 140, 120, and 110, but the plane does not seem to know it anymore.

So where do I adjust the data for the model? I've been all over Planemaker and either keep overlooking it or it's somewhere else.

Can anyone help me out here?

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You can turn it off entirely under Settings > General > Damage. If the limits are not set correctly, you should file a bug with info on the exact speed when it occurs in the sim (using data output options) versus what the real world behavior should be.

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Not sure to what label you're referring. The POH for the 172R lists Vfe as 110 KIAS max for 10 degrees and 85 KIAS max for 10 degrees to FULL. This is shown in the white arc on the ASI. Full flaps at 140 KIAS... I'd expect problems.
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I never said anything about full flaps at 140. The label of which I speak is the face-plate on the dash indicating the flaps settings (surrounding the flaps lever), and apparently I was inadvertently directed to the wrong manual when looking it up. The C172S lists 10degrees at 110 not 140 but it seems that the plane modeler also used the wrong numbers when designing the 3d cockpit and adding the speeds to the label on the dash since it says 140 for 10 degrees 120 for 115 degrees and 110 for full flaps.