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I just purchased the H:D Odyssey 3D headset.

I would like to try using it with your Xplane demo before buying your full software.

I seem to be unable to check the VR hardware checkbox in settings.

What do I need to do to make my VR headset work with your software please?

Thanks for your help.

Jan from Belgium.

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Check your GPU. If it is not new enough, X-Plane will not be able to turn on VR. X-Plane requires newer ones that can run dual eye rendering in a single pass, and older GPUS can't do that. You can also check what the system requirements are for WMR devices here.

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thanks for your answer. I have an Nvidia Geforce 1060 with 6GB of Ram on a 16GB Intel i7 system. Should be perfectly fine to run it.

Any other ideas?


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Do you have multiple GPUs? Sometimes X-Plane picks the Intel one if so.

Remove any add ons to make sure they're not interfering. Double check the headset set up, and finally try restarting the computer to reset everything.
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Here are the instructions.  You'll need to install Steam and Windows Mixed Reality for Steam.