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In the Plane Maker manual for version 11.20, the section explaining panel creation is not updated. When I open up Planes that come with X-Plane11 I cannot see a 2D panel or even a 3D panel. It seems like this is the method for previous versions of X-Plane but it has not been updated for XP11.

How to I edit the panels of these planes in X-Plane11?

There is no documentation on this matter and it is getting quite frustrating. I am sure I am not the only one trying to figure this out.

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None of the X-Plane 11 default aircraft have 2D panels. 3D panels depend on the specific aircraft. We typically only use the Plane Maker 3d panel for glass instruments. The remainder of our instruments are created and rendered in 3D space inside all of the OBJs, typically using Blender or AC3D. Use of these programs is more advanced and not part of Plane Maker, so it is not covered in the PM manual.
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Thank you for your response.

Do you have any knowledge on HOW to do this in AC3D? I have a license for this software and I cannot figure it out!

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No, AC3D is beyond the scope of help provided in these forums. X-Plane does not provide help for it either since it is a 3rd party software. You may find knowledgable folks in the forums.