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I am running Plane Maker 11.20b1 build 112010 and trying to learn the software.  I am referring to the online manual and it doesn't seem to match the software.  One example is in the Engine Specification Screen.  The manual refers to the types of engines available including Low Pass Jet and High Pass Jet, yet those options are not available in the software.  I understand that the bypass ratio is now set in a different screen, but the manual does not reflect this. See below:

Plane Maker 11 Online Manual

Plane Maker 11 Engine Position Screen


Is there an updated manual for Plane Maker 11.20 b1?

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The Plane Maker manual is out of date. Updates to Plane Maker are not documented as well as X-Plane changes are, and it looks like it's due for another cover to cover review to find these changes.