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I have read and read till I am sick of it. I have two computers. Computer 1 has a matrox triplehead to go. I have no problem because I really want to use this for viewing out front anyway. Machine 2 has a 970gts with two different size monitors. I want to use it primarily for cockpit view or spot view. I just whatever plane I am flying to show up on both at the same time. These machines are already networked thru a Ethernet not use wireless. I just need to be able to tick or enter correct info on both to get this to work. I wish someone would produce a simple down to earth youtube video showing HOW to do this. Only ones out there are running dual monitors on one machine or three monitors on one machine.. or someone showing off their fancy 50 computer 50 monitor hookup and not a word on how they did. Some people have big egos lol..  Maybe someone can point me in the right direction and don't say read the manual..because these manuals are wrote by engineers with iq's of 180 and not for us "lame-brains."   Please don't make me go back to fsx or p3d lol. BTW I am 65 and would like to enjoy xplane before I go to the Big Tower in the sky.


Bob M.

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This section of the manual covers setting this up and some troubleshooting as well. But basically:

  1. Start X-Plane on both computers & go into the Net Connections screen, Extern Visual tab
  2. Enter the IP address of the opposite computer in the appropriate spots
  3. do NOT check "view tracks master" if you want to show different things on each machine
  4. You can change the secondary machine to always have a specific view in the rendering opts screen (scenery only, HUD, panel, 3D cockpit) or try setting up a quick view to get back to a custom view the next time you start up
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Thank you for shedding some light on this dark subject. The manual was not written in a fashion as you have explained. A youtube video on this subject would be a wonderful springtime project for someone so gifted :)