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Hi there,

I have a physical switch panel and I'm trying to map the keys in X-Plane but I cannot find some of them inside the settings. I'm flying with a CESSNA 172.

I mapped the key  "AVIONICS TOGGLE" to my physical button but actually only 1 of the 2 buttons inside the cockpit is switched. I cant find the map for the AVIONICS BUS 2. I'd need something like AVIONICS TOGGLE ALL but it is not present.

The  "GENERATOR 1" key map is actually switching also the master BAT button but I have a specific switch for it. I'd need a key map working only on the master ALT button.

Thank you for your support,


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Ah yes, this is a bit tricky.   Look at sim/electrical/cross_tie_on, ties the two electrical buses together.   If using something like ArdSimX, data.cfg for a switch on pin 53 would be like following (doing two functions on one switch flip)

D53- sim/systems/avionics_off
D53+ sim/systems/avionics_on
D53- sim/electrical/cross_tie_off
D53+ sim/electrical/cross_tie_on