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we are x-plane flight simulation hardware maker. our website


X-plane rotatory switch, for example, "HDG" switch on MCP/G1000


for X-plane builtin commands:





but these commands cannot support rotatory acceleration, means if you bind a hardware rotatory knob to above 2 commands, you will get fairly slow rotation on ND/G1000 PFD, which doesn't match the real plane.


afterward, I found a "hold" of "sim/autopilot/heading_down", can get rotatory acceleration. it is equal to you use the mouse to long press on HDG button on the screen. means button "down.....wait........up" this sequence can produce a rotary acceleration in ND/G1000 PFD. is but.  unfortunately, we found a "~1s" delay starting from down. you can simply test the rotary switch by using left mouse "long press" HDG switch, carefully notice when it begins to start rotation. you will find start from:

1. left mouse down on HDG of MCP, and hold


2. G1000 PFD/ND heading radiation is starting to roll

there is almost ~1s delay


I tested this on XP11 builtin B737.


~1s delay is not acceptable if we hardware maker use this to accelerate rotation, then end user will feel no movement during that ~1s although he/she is rotating knobs


we do have some workaround by accumulating button press events, and translate to dataref value, then write dataref, but this method has lots of limitations. because of switch itself is "command", but we have to translate it into "dataref", which is depends on airplane model.


so globally, if LR can support rotatory switch acceleration by accumulate keypress events, then all hardware maker will benefit from it

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Hi cpuwolf,

I am not from Laminar research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

From what you want to "flog", you are in the wrong forum or location to do so.  You may find your posting may be deleted altogether by the moderators of this forum.

If you are of the opinion that there is a problem with X-Plane software and you have a solution then I suggest you contact Laminar Research direct starting at i[email protected]