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I want to watch the plane I am flying flare and land, as if I were standing on the side of the runway, in order to improve my skills. I have not been able to find guidance how to record flight video and then playback for study. I can set a view in X-Plane anywhere and suspect that I would have to set the camera in this way. But I will have to be using a view from the cockpit to fly my landing while the camera is filming another view.. I have read about an addon called x-camera but I don't know what is resident in X-Plane nor how to use it. Please advise.



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Hi Seattlerust,

Please check out this part of the manual on the recording options in X-Plane. For what you're describing it sounds like using the built-in replay will be your best bet. Perform your flight/landing/etc then go to the aircraft menu and choose "save replay." Then you can use "load replay" to go back to it and play it within X-Plane like a movie. The nice part is you can change your view and move the camera around to see it from different angles when you use this option. A movie recording just captures exactly what the view saw during recording. The only problem is the replay format is very unstable in v10 and even updating versions can break your ability to view older saved replays.

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Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for.  SR