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We have been having jitter issues on all of our cockpit simulators that is running X-Plane as our visuals.  There are no jitters on the master displays, only on the external X-Plane displays.  Our current setups are below:

X-Plane Master (lowered all visuals, to ensure running at maximum frame rate)

4 - 6 X-Plane Slaves on 1080p resolution LED TVs

We have had this issue when we started: Xplane 10.45 first (at the time of purchase), 10.50 and 10.51.

We are not running any other programs, solely X-Planes are running, using the mouse as a joystick, and we are still getting jittering issues.

Would anyone be able to help me with this issue?  It was be greatly appreciated if this can be resolved.

Thank you.

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We are investigating reports of jerky external visuals. We may need to send test builds of X-Plane to those who see this problem.

Please file a bug report here and include a copy of the log.txt after you quit X-Plane.