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regarding Xenviro in vr native,

Why is it so hard to help Xenviro to further build a great plugin for Xplane 11.2.....

It seems Xenviro is still waiting for much needed information ect.

See my question to Xenviro.

X-plane 11.2 .... and Xenviro 1.09

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Sorry to interrupt here.. I'm a very unhappy customer of xenviro like many many others due to the way the xenviro team has treated us over the last past 14 months.. With the acceptance of the loss of my 70 usd I don't see one single reason why LR should treat the xenviro team any difference.

LR should focus on aything else than xenviro IMHO and let Xe eat their own sxxx.

Had xenviro not made me and many othes feel like we are complete idiots eveytime we had concerns  I would at least have had compassion..

I appreciate what LR is doing so far very much .