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I am working on a virtual pre-flight inspection walk-around for a new model, and I discovered that the normally read-write datarefs for "pilots_head_*" are NOT write-able with VR enabled. So, I would like to be able place the pilot directly into a VR hotspot (defined in the vrconfig.txt file) based on my plugin logic when "sim/graphics/VR/enabled" == 1.

Or is there another method for putting the pilot into a different location when VR is enabled? Maybe a method that would work for both cases (VR off and on)?


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Unfortunately, at this point, there's no support for moving the user programmatically in VR. (This is one more limitation of the present API which might be improved in the futureā€”I'd suggest following the developer's blog to keep up on any future API improvements.)

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Thanks, Tyler! I suspected as much. I follow the dev blog every day, so I'll stay tuned to see if something is added at a later date. Just a suggestion; it might be relatively easy to devise a command that can teleport the pilot to any pre-defined hotspot assuming that the hotspot designator is meaningful to the code logic.

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