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Hello. I fly x-plane 11.25 pretty exclusivly in Windowed mode as I like access to the taskbar, I use a 3440x1440 21:9 monitor, and each time I start x-plane 11, I have to keep resizing the window, which on startup takes the top quarter of my screen. X-Plane 11 never seems to remember the last window position used.

I have tried maximising the window, then quitting x-plane, dragging the borders of the window, then quitting x-plane and even saving a flight window maximised, but it still opens up in the top left hand quarter again

Using Windows 10, GTX 970

Thanks  Chris

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X-Plane should save your window size & basic location to preferences so that it starts in the same spot. If this is not happening, check for add ons or other factors that could be interfering.