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Hi All, I have an issue with saving situations and then recalling them with a selected keyboard command, after restarting Xplane 11

1/ I save a situation.

2/ I go to my saved situations and there it is.

3/ I want to designate a specific key keyboard command to load the situation

4/ key selection appears and on pressing the keyboard selection the situation I saved loads all is good.

5/ now when I shut down Xplane 11 and restart it the key board command I selected no longer load the situation also the designated command no longer appears in grey as before.  If I click back into the area and say type back in the previous keyboard shortcut, it say you are already using this but still remains blank. I can select another keyboard command and it says do you wish to override this and yes the command appears and is usable till I again shut down Xplane 11 and then restart Xplane 11 and is no longer there.

I hope this makes sense.

I am using windows 10

Cant see how to attach the log.txt



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I could not reproduce this with a clean install of X-Plane 11.25.

I saved a .sit file, then went to the "load file" screen and assigned it the shortcut key 'z'. I confirmed pressing the z key loaded the situation as expected. Then I quit and restarted a flight, and tried the z key again. The situation loaded again as expected.

Check to see if you have any add ons installed that may be interfering with your keyboard assignments or preference saving.
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Thanks for getting back to me. I will have a look but am not hopeful.