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I'm issuing the following problem: When starting X-Plane 11 it asks me to activate the Game over and over again...
I can't enter the product key and have to use my disc.

It is really annoying and I can't enter the Serial codes numbers..

I hope someone could help me or explain this issue.

Thanks in advance and best regards from germany!

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There is no product key available for the disc version. To run X-Plane you have to insert disc 1.
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Hi eXquiisiTe,

Do you have the Disc version from Aerosoft?  My guess you do.  The product key they supply with the product has no impact on the X-Plane software.

It is a ploy or "con" to get you to purchase additional products from them with the possibility providing a discount on the items purchased.  How do I know?  I was caught in the same manner.

You have to insert disc 1 into your DVD drive to run X-Plane otherwise you will be in demo mode.  Unfortunately there is no USB dongle available as there was with X-Plane 10.

Unfortunately you have to grin and put up with the problem.



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