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X-plane Purchased 3/27/2018

Order MEYER-000000214424

Worked fine initially. I had not used it for a few months. I decided to use it again I started x-plane the screen said an update was available, so I updated it to 11.25. I run the program it starts up okay I select "New Flight" "Continue".

An Activation box appears after the aircraft is loaded  Choose Activation type: with Activate automatically (internet connection required) checked I click "NEXT", the enter serial number screen appears. I select paste to enter my product key I had saved to clipboard. The key is inserted in box, select "NEXT" and nothing happens it just sits there. Select "BACK" Then select "Get activation number"  I click "NEXT", the enter serial number screen appears with the key already entered. Select "NEXT" still nothing happens.

Have to quit x-Plane to get back to Desktop. How do I activate the program now?


Robert A Winter

[email protected]

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I figured it out!

The activation box wants the aircraft you loaded serial key, it is not looking for the program key.

Insert the aircraft serial and it works!

R Winter
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Thanks! I was having the same problem. The box that pops up doesn't indicate what it is for. Mine was for an Alabeo Mooney. I thought it was for X-Plane too but after reading your post I got the right key entered. Thanks!!!