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I have some friends (mind blown), who just so happen to play XP 11 (once again mind blowing). I don't know anything about multiplayer, and how it works. Some of my big questions are:

Do I need to share a network like XP 10 Mobile?

How exactly does it work? Steam friends? Or is it a XP feature?

Can you work together in the same cockpit, or does it have to be separate planes, or both?

Anything else you can tell me, would love to know!

Please to specific because I am stupid with everything but flying. Thanks!
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Yes, you can join friends within X-plane 11

Google, "Whats my ip address" note it, get your friends to do the same, share. On the Settings/Network Tab, upper right, input your friends ip addresses adding a line each. Get them to do the same.

You may all need to open UDP port forwarding on each router/firewall (49000-49010) - check youtube for your models, if you dont know how.

Ensure you all disconnect xSquawkbox and iVap using PluginAdmin (Upper Left Dropdown Menu) simply untick.

LR need to invest a little work as currently multiplayer doesnt send livery data.

Hope this helps

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The multiplayer is LAN multiplayer, so you'll need to be on the same network. If you want to play over the Internet, you'll need to use software such as Hamatchi that will setup a virtual LAN.
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You can also try FSCloud, IVAO or VATSIM.