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I really need some help.  I'm not Tech Savvy, so please dumb anything down for me.

I can't get my iPad (running WingX Pro 7) to display aircraft information from X-Plane (running on an iMac).

I think I've got both WingX & X-Plane configured correctly.  I think it's something to do with my iMac network or sharing preferences.

WingX setting: Use X-Plane/MS is selected on.

X-Plane setting: THIRD-PARTY APPS / Broadcast to all third-party apps on the network is checked.

I've got very new iMac and iPad.

iMac is connected wirelessly to a CenturyLink DSL router.  iPad connects to router just fine for internet surfing and by all accounts works great for what I do.

ANY Suggestions?

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A couple things to try: make sure X-Plane is running a flight before launching the app. This way X-Plane will definitely have flight data to send / be picked up by the app. Sometimes I've found that after setting up the networking, restarting the app completely helps it to "just work." As a last resort I would recommend asking the app developer for support, since each app configures their options differently.