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Every single aircraft I have that has only a 2D panel including all my updated versions that were working in XP 11.20, are now either showing a very warped blurry nonfunctioning panel or no panel.  I have tried in vs 11.20r2, vs 11.25b1 and 11.25r2.  New installs, deleting prefs, and saving in 11.25r2 PlaneMaker changes nothing.  Is this a bug or X-Plane drive to remove all traces of Jacque Brault's legacy and all 2D aircraft?

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If an aircraft was working as expected in 11.20 and now is not, please send a bug report with a link to a copy of the specific aircraft. Comparison screenshots of when it was working and how it no longer is would also be helpful.

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Problem fixed!

My face is red from an overlooked setting that was causing all my problems.  It seems using 'headshake' and or 'TrackerXP'  will change the settings in the Visual offset section.   I have never used those settings but I had just installed 'TrackerXP'.   

Ghun1 just posted a comment on the chat line that he had found this.  Reset all the visuals back to zeros and all is well.  I am going to email Blue side up Bob to let him know this is a conflict he should mention in his plugin.

I don't know how to email the Bug Report people to cancel my very bad bug report!
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I have the same problem you had right now. I installed the "headshake"... May I ask how may I reset all the Visuals?