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XP11.  Stock aircraft.  Three screen configuration.  Whatever monitor is XPlane's main screen (has the menu, settings, etc), on each run of XPlane or switch aircraft, the Visual Offsets are reset to zero.   The FOV remains, but lateral and vertical offsets are reset to zero.   Most "Liberty Sim" configurations use the right outside view for XPs main screen and this appears to be a common problem and common complaint.   Can see in file 'X-Plane Window Positions.prf' that the desired settings are saved, but load a new flight, switch aircraft, load a saved flight, restart XP, and the saved setting is ignored.  Other screens settings are retained, it's just the 'main screen' that always resets.  Is there a cure for this behavior?

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If the settings are saved as expected in the .prf file, I have no idea why they wouldn't be used. Remove all plugins or add ons to see if one of them is overriding the preference files. In all testing we have done for multimonitor preferences, they are always saved and used on the next restart.
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You were spot on!!!   Removed all plugins and slowly added them back one at a time.   Turns out the culprit was with FlyWithLUA, somewhere.   Removed all LUA scripts and added back one at a time.   Of course it was the LAST one - XPRealistic Pro...   Contacting developer to see if a resolution.   Guess all the Liberty Simmers have XPRealistic!