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As we have teleport spots in native VR, it would be great if I could bind some actions to my HOTAS controller buttons or the keyboard to let me navigate between teleport hotspots.  I fly in VR using a Rift, my HOTAS and the mouse to interact with the cockpit.  I do not use the touch controllers because it is a lot simpler to let go of the flight controller and grab the mouse to tweak a setting in the cockpit than to mess around picking up a touch controller.  

If I could map actions to let me cycle/direct navigate to teleport spots as defined in vrconfig file using an arbitrary controller/keyboard it would hugely improve the vr experience when operating multi seat aircraft where I need to access, for example, the fight engineers console.  Presently, I cannot find a way to teleport to the flight engineer seat without messing around with touch controllers.  This leaves me twisting around in some very uncomfortable ways in order to, for example, start the APU in the FLyJSim 727 cockpits.

If the functionality mentioned above is already present, great, please tell me where it is as I have failed to find it so far.  Otherwise, can you please add it as a new feature request.



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This is not currently possible. I filed this feature request as XPD-9360. That will be listed in release notes if / when added.