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Since I reinstalled X-plane 11, I no longer see the new devices I placed in X-plane 11/Aircraft/Laminator Research, appear in flight Configuration.
I checked: (Show devices from previous versions), but nothing changes.
 What to do?

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every new aircraft you download has to be copied then you click the X to exist out of that window then you re-open your files then you paste it into aircraft's and then just to make sure its actually in the games load xplane hit new flight if its there you've done it correctly if not try it again with the steps
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tank you for your answer, but I don't understand.

The way I do that. I download the file, unzip it and place it in: aircraft/laminar Research,

Before I reinstalled X-Plane 11, everything works fine that way 

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Do NOT put your addon aircraft into the Laminar Research folder!  This folder is exclusively for the default aircraft of X-Plane.

Addon aircraft should go to the Aircraft folder. i.e   C:/ X-plane 11/ Aircraft.

Hope this makes sense,

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Hi Jacomo,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have a look at the following YouTube video from Michael Brown at    This answer reinforces what Werner has advised.

Michael builds Windows based PCs suitable for X-plane.  His company is the preferred supplier, by Laminar Research, of PCs in the USA.

Good luck.


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Create a separate folder in Extra Aircraft (My Hangar was recommended and that's what I did). Add on planes can't be in the same folder with the planes that come with the program.