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Hi, i'm willing to build an VR station to simulate VR flights, i will buy oculus rift but i don't know any physical flight commands, just the basics flight commands like gas rudder joystick gas misture( any other thing please add if you think it's good to have).
Please could you help me with that, and suggest some gear to make a good flight station VR?

Help me choose my VR with physical commands

I saw that longitech setup and i'm willing to buy the FLIGHT YOKE SYSTEM,FLIGHT THROTTLE QUADRANT, FLIGHT RUDDER PEDALS and use DJI racing goggles.

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Hi odilonscaramuzza,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

I am not into VR as yet.  Still trying to master the stick and rudder method of flying.

A few references to assist with an answer.

In purchasing the Logitech/saitek equipment the hardware has to be setup in X-Plane.  No other way.  Not even in your operating system.  Don't even attempt to open the software package (discs) provided/supplied with the Logitech hardware.  Previous advice to others in this forum is to actually dig a hole and bury the software.

Have a good look at the following link from Michael Brown found at  View the video several times to understand the principal of how to install the hardware.

In relation to the VR component of your question have a look at the following link found at   from Bambino Games.  There will be video that will start immediately.  View this video several times to get the guts of what you need and the best way to do it.    When you are satisfied with the viewing click on the "videos" tab immediately above the video screen.  In doing so there are a few other videos of good reference.

To get a good visual of the videos click on the "box' in the RH bottom corner of the screen to expand the video into a full screen.

The "bambino games" videos discusses the need to acquire additional software to run VR satisfactorily.  The latest version of X-PLane has been "adjusted" so that you do not need this additional software, particularly if using the Occulus Rift headset.  Have a look at the following from Laminar Research found at  Also have a look at the online manual found at

Good luck