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I forgot to bring my plane 11 disks to work with me, i work out of the country i reside in. I bought my x plane11 from amazon last year. How can i use x plane 11 without my disks?

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I don' t think you can. The usb key for 10 now has security issues so is not available for 11.  I purchased 11 using the download for the first time and that is actually the answer to your problem.
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Because X P confirms your right to use via the internet.
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I haven't had to use the disc for over a week. I'm not sure how long it will go without inserting the disc. Some people claim to have to use it every time. Others occasionally, and never in a month or so. I'm not sure why the difference in experiences from different people other than this program can download into the wrong place on your C drive and then the disc has to be in every time you run it (my first experience with the app on first load. Had to clean off the mess of files and reload). I'm not sure, but you might be able to load the demo and get the program to work for a while.

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