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I've asked this question in other places and haven't gotten an answer. So maybe moving it to a new question will get some results. The hat switch on my T.Flight Hotas X pans fine on two planes that came with X-Plane 11, the Cessna and the Stinson. I added a free plane, the DHC-1 Chipmunk and I can't look up with any tool or setting I can find. And the hat switch pans down nicely inside the cockpit but on the view looking out the canopy jumps 45 degrees right or left and will not look up above the fixed place that none of the Plane Maker settings I've tried will look above. This is not something that can be changed on the joystick setting as it is peculiar to only the one plane. And the height of the pilot's view will not move above this level. I presume this plane had to be made with X-Plane Plane Maker, so X-Plane should be able to answer my question.

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Best answer: there's another version of the plane that works better. Page 6 on military planes--design by ckamaleao. Landing gear isn't set right as with the other version. Reduce it to three wheels with the bakes on the front two. The other plane has a metal brace down the center of the windshield that's wrong, but....