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I have a joystick with a hat on it which enables me to look around the cockpit. It works well but is *very* slow. Is there a way to make it look around the cockpit quicker?

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Hi, you need to choose cutom and look for the same function with "fast" attribute.

Well, I just checked and such an option apparently doesn't exist for "hat switch up" etc...

A workaround would be to choose "tilt up fast" etc, but it is going to change the way you control the camera in external view.

Another thing I like to do is to adjust the view with the mouse, then press ctrl+"numpad" (you can always change that key assignment). This records the camera parameters and you can call that recorded view anytime you want  by pressing "numpad".
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Hi Stew,

Have a look at a product called X-Camera.  This may satisfy your needs as the camera speed can be varied.  The product can be found at

If you also  "Google" X-camera you will get a lot of other additional information about the product.

Hope this helps.