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I have a Gladiator joystick with a 8-way hat switch using Windows 10.  When I attempt to set up the hat switch directions in X-plane 10 the inputs are not recognized.  All other buttons on the joystick are recognized and when I hold down the "shift" button, the 4 main directions (up, down, left, and right) of the hat switch directions are recognized (as expected).  To verify the hat switch functioned in all 8 directions I downloaded a program from the manufacture's website and it correctly recognizes the hat switch inputs.  I've read chapter 4 (configuring Flight Controls) of the manual, checked the knowledge base, and searched the Q&A section for X-plane 10 but nothing seems to address this exact issue.  Is there something that I'm missing?

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Each direction will register as a separate button press in the Buttons: basic or advanced tabs. It registered the 8 directions on my joystick's hat switch.

The XP 10 UI for configuring the buttons is not very easy to understand, so as you go through the hat switch directions you'll need to watch for the number in the "joystick button" box to change to know if all the button presses are registering.
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Thank you for your answer.  

I have carefully watched and tried numerous times however there is no response to the joystick's hat switch in the Buttons page.  I have verified that the joystick hat switch works as using another program but X-plane will not recognize the inputs.

Which joystick do you have?
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I do not have the Gladiator. Do you have any plugins or other joystick software that could be affecting it?