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Hi. I bought xp11 dvd edition for pc/mac .. I put 1st dvd in drive and it doesn't load or something.. my computer doesn't see / recognise any of discs. Win 10.. I haven't got money any more to buying another digital version

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Check to make sure the disc snaps all the way onto the drive. I had problems with several of my discs not snapping down tight and the drive would appear to be running but nothing was happening. Be sure that the download indicator, lower left corner of your screen, is or isn't showing. Sometimes the download information comes up behind what's already on the screen.

Otherwise I had a problem with it loading in the wrong place and had to clean files out that were spread from hell to breakfast by searching C drive and deleting, then re-installed. It's working fine for me now on 10. I bought mine from Amazon and they have completely free replacement policy. X-Plane should do the same if the discs are truly not working right.

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