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I was download X-Plane 11 demo 3 month ago.
It's really fantastic! 
I  purchased X-Plane 11 Digital download yesterday.
I get the product key in my email, and start to installation.
Click  'Install an x-plane product purchase'
And then paste my product key into blank box, and click the continue.
but! suddenly check all items left items (check servers, pick destination..etc.)
And installation failed.
The sentence is "Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)"
So, i contact info@x-plane.com and recommend disable the firewall...
I tried everything my best, still same situation! 
Firewall disabled, antivirus program shout down...
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Hi! I believe that this is due to a bug that we are working to resolve right now. Email me at thomson@x-plane.com so that we can find a way to get around this issue! :-) Thanks!

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It could be a problem with your PC
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From your Log..txt file not sure how this happened but might be your issue.

os_dir_desktop        =C:\Users/강민우/Desktop/

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