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I would like to know is you tested Xplane 11 with high Sierra and is good idea to upgrade the system to new system according to your experience ?

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Hi Skowron,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer using a Windows based system

Firstly, there are a few flight simmers having success with a Mac and High Sierra but there are also a few having problems.  In your original question click on the orange High Sierra tag.  It will shown a number of links where others using a Mac system have had a problem. 

Secondly, you have not indicated what type of Mac system you have running the High Sierra operating system.  You need to have a screen size in the order of 17 inches to be able to get a good image size and good cooling as X-Plane is very resource hungry and generates a lot of heat.

Thirdly, have a look at the system requirements to run the current version of X-Plane.  The link can be found at  Many serious flight simmers build a purpose built unit with specifications equal to or better than the recommended system requirements.  If you do build a new unit utilise an Intel CPU and a NVidia GPU for best performance.  In the early stages of X-Plane 11 being  released High Sierra systems were having troubles.  Although X-Plane is developed on Mac's  Laminar Research staff have been known to suggest in this forum to use a windows based system for best results.  A purpose built system will also allow you to upgrade components as and when needed or you can afford to do so  

Finally, download and try the free demo version of X-Plane.  The demo version can be found at  Although it is the full version download it will default to the demo version because you won't have the activation key.  You will be limited to a fixed airport and a time period of 10 minutes.

Welcome to the world of X-Plane.


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Thanx for replay but... i have Imac , i have a sierra OSX installed and just i wonder if it is safe to move to High Sierra .. according to some bad infos about this at 2017 . Is someone can say how is situaltion now ?