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OK, I signed up just to ask this question, and Im not just hoping for a response, but a nice solution as well...

Well, X Plane, I bet you weren't expecting this one - I am mainly a Chromebook user (I have a Windows as well, but it is so old it wouldn't hold up to run any version of XPlane smoothly, anyways, I digress). So, I downloaded XP10 onto my Chromebook, and tada! It works. Not only does it work, but it runs really smooth. Slight problem. My Asus Chromebook Flip C100PA does not have a gyro, and therefore cannot control the aircraft. I turned to my Logitech WingMan Force 3D, and VOILA! I was controlling the aircraft. Well, sort of... See the inputs are very faint, and barely allow control over the aircraft. BUT THERE IS AN INPUT. I tried Recalibrating in the app, but nothing really changed. I had control over the UP DOWN LEFT axis, but not the rudder (I tried taking off). I also had the trigger button working as well as the circular button for selection.

OK, X Plane, if it is possible to have SOME control over the aircraft with this USB Joystick, there must be a way to have complete control over the aircraft. And possibly more, in order to assign the Joysticks buttons. Can you help?

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Hi JPilot8,

I am not with Laminar Research or XForcePC; just a flight simmer.

When you installed the Logitech joystick did you use any other software or the computer operating system to configure the joystick?  If you did then perform a complete removal of the add-on software.

The logitech ex Saitek, hardware has to be installed through X-Plane and no other way for it to work.  Have a look at the following link at  Michael operates a company that specialises in the building of PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  Laminar Research recommends this company as the PC supplier suitable for X-Plane within the USA.  Give serious consideration to the information given.

Good luck