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The weather dialog window presents three generic runway conditions: dry, damp and wet.

Is there any variance at all within these three conditions? In real life 'wet' runway (contaminated / slippery runway) can be anything from close to 'damp' equivalent (good braking action) to almost nil braking action (low Mu value), depending upon type of contamination and it's intensity, ambient conditions and so on.

In fact I'm quite surprised that 'damp' is given separately because for performance calculations it is usually considered the same as dry, whereas 'wet' should be broken down into it least several grades/types and also contaminated.

Second question is how runway condition changes over time (dynamically)? Suppose after a 'dry' METAR a +TSRA is reported (let's assume a lot of standing water is involved), would runway condition change immediately upon METAR change and what about vice versa (contaminated runway to dry METAR)?

Third question, is hydroplaning effect simulated or planned?

Thank you.

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