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Upon installing X-Plane I got one error during installation (don´t remember which) but continuted installing it, as per choice on the screen, and got another errror as it was finished installing.

"Technical problem: Error 2: 504"

It also tells me to contact the makers of X-Plane for help. Well, I figured I´d write here first. Any idea what this problem can be!?

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Hi BlueWings,

I am not with Laminar Research: just a flight simmer.

I am not able to provide a precise answer to the error code dislayed.  My answer is more of a general comment  which in some instances relates to problems with Mac systems.

Does your Mac meet the specifications to run X-Plane?  You have not indicated the model and age of your Mac.  The details required can be found at  If your Mac has an intel CPU and an NVidia GPU card you will get a better performance than other installed brands.  Your system should be in the order of the recommended or better than requirements over and above the minimum requirements.

Also attach the Log.txt file which is normally found in the root directory (Windows system) and is created immediately after a normal shut down or a X-Plane crash.  Others with a greater knowledge base than me may be able to solve your problem if it is not a  system requirement problem.

Hope you are able to solve your problem.