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I have bought the product, unlocking from a demo. During instalation I have received that message: Error 404 ... missing scenery files during instalation. The message is there again and again when following instructions.
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i have the same problem. i am from holland and trying to do my best, bud nothing works!
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Same problem HTTP error 404 file not found.
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Same issue here. I was trying to install Europe, Middle East and some part of Africa scenery and then it happened.

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Btw, I have US and some part of South Asia installed with no issues.
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I tried to install X-Plane five times with the same HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found ). I had been using the demo version and had clicked the upgrade to full version button. I got it in my head that perhaps something in the demo was giving me grief. So I searched the drive and DELETED everything to do with X-Plane. Then tried again, this time it worked, X-Plane installed correctly all be it at a speed of 500 to 1150 KB's (10 hours of waiting) I now have to try and install more scenery. So fingers crossed !
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I see several people reporting this error with no satisfying response so far. Could someone from Laminar please respond to this and tell us how to fix it ? I am experiencing the same problem with the very latest installer, on Windows 10. In my case there is apparently just one file missing (judging from the log file contents). Is it possible to patch this file without having to do the full 70 GB download again ? I would attach the log file but don't see an attach button, therefor I have pasted the offending part of the log file below.

Thanks and if you need the full log file please let me know how to attach it.

0:03:03.802 D/SCN:     China & Mongolia
0:03:03.802 D/SCN:     Australia & New Zealand
2:53:41.746 E/INS: Error processing HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found) (C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:356)
2:53:41.746 I/DLG: Displaying alert:
2:53:41.746 I/DLG:     An error occurred during installation:

HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found).

You can continue with the installation and attempt to repair the damaged files later, or you can cancel the installation.
3:03:30.553 I/DLG:     User decided to continue.
5:18:14.407 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Install" to "Finish"
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Same issue here, attached is the link for the installer log.