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i have a strange problem with the HDR-Settings and no idea how to fix it. I´ve searched the Knowledgebase and the without success.

i did not noticed it a while, but - even with mit HDR Settings on - HDR did not worked. Airport lights are off, not correct lights in the airplane. I´ve checked the settings and HDR was on, so i thougt it must be a problem with the plane or the add on.

Now i´ve noticed, that turning HDR of (one step to the left of the setting slider) got me the same result as hdr on, so i reactivated HDR and: Now everything works well. Airportlights, interior lights in airplanes atc.

But when i load another airplane or switch to another airport, HDR is getting lost again and i have to deactivate and reactivate it again.

My System is equiped with a NVidia GTX 1080ti. Even with the default settings i got the problem of loosing hdr. And i´m using Xplane in VR with the oculus rift.

Please, anyone: HELP. I can´t live without the HDR
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I found a solution: A LUA-Script changed the HDR-settings in the background, everytime the script was reloaded.

After deactivating this script, everything worked fine!

So, use a tool like xOrganizer and switch off your plugins and scripts one by one. Especially the ones, which influence graphics.

It takes time, but it's worth it!


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Hi! I am sorry that you are having trouble here! Would you please send in your Log.txt file? Thanks!