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Since native VR is implemented, I can see through items in VR which are close to the user aircraft, when the viewpoint is close to the aircraft (e.g. I can see the aircraft nose gear wheel through the passenger stairs, or I can see the fuselage through e.g. the baggage loading cars) ). When the eyepoint is further away, it does not happen, and also in normal monitor view it is ok. With FlyInside, no problems either. It happens with every aircraft (default&payware) and is completely reproducable. Any help is appreciated.


X-Plane 11.26
Windows 10 64-bit 
[email protected] Ghz 
Oculus Rift

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Hi! Thanks for letting us know. Would you please submit this as a bug here? Thanks!

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Sorry for my late reply, yes definitely. It is also still happening in 11.30 B5.