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I have just installed X-Plane 11 on a new build PC. The install was successful and it ran updates OK. It then asked if I wished to run the program now so I clicked that I did. It got as far as "Reading new scenery files" then jammed. After several hours I force stopped the PC and rebooted. The program would still not load with a similar problem, but this time the programme just dropped out with no message. I tried several times, with and without DVD 1 in. I deleted all the files and re-installed, this time opting not to load the updates. The program again dropped out at the same stage, I tried twice, same result. Each time it asked me if I wished to install updates and I declined. I then allowed the updates to run and tried again. Same result. Any clues please, error messages I can deal with but silence is harder!
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if I were you I would check the requirements for xplanes and make sure your computer meets them and if they do and it still doesn't work I would then contact laminar.

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