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I'm doing a research about WAAS, and I need to perform WAAS ability in X-Plane.

So I want to know that what Navigation data is X-Plane using?

If I'm flying with WAAS, where can I find the WAAS navigation data?


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Are you talking about the navdata as in the GPS fix locations or airac data? If yes, are you flying all over the world or just in the US?
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In the real world, the GPS/WAAS is the source of navigation. But in X-Plane, I needn't give it the GPS data and I can fly. So I wonder what is the navigation source data does X-Plane use?

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Not sure but you can click actual weather and it should be what the weather is like right then in that location

try contacting laminar research if i didn't answer your question
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Thank you for your answer, I've contacted Laminar but there is no reply.