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X-Plane 11 with Ch Products Flight Sim yoke, rudder, and DesktopAviator GNS430 panel emulator. When changing the mixture control either through the lever on the yoke or through function keys, the mixture control starts moving towards lean but flips back up to full rich within a fraction of a second. Tried several airplanes and all exhibit the same problem. All other controls (including throttle and prop) work fine.

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Hi, Thanks for your post! It sounds like you may have two axis assigned to mixture or something like that. Do you see that in your configuration options? Thanks!
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Just solved it (my son helped me). It's after all only a problem with the Carenado airplanes. The mixture simply doesn't work at all with the Airfoillabs Cessnas (at least with the default settings) but according to my son that's a different issue and I thought these were linked.

I've always started the Carenado plane using the automatic feature (CONTROL-SHIFT-E), which turns on the starter but also advances the mixture to full rich automatically. The problem is that the starter is left on start and the plugin keeps the mixture full rich. Once you manually turn the keys to both, you can control the mixture again.