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ATC forgets about me.  Flight plan filed and followed, ATC prompts me with direction and altitude and when I near my destination airport ATC won't stop yakking with other pilots to give me vectors to final.  It let me fly right past my airport and on for almost 75 miles before I gave up and filed a new flight plan.  ATC then gave me a new vector towards my airport, let me fly right past it again and out to sea.  Low on fuel I canceled the IFR flight plan and landed, at night VFR and without clearance since the local tower would only offer (the wrong) altitude, even with real-world time, day and weather set.

What is the timeline for fixing up the XPlane ATC?

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Nevermind, I think I found the problem.  I got tired of my pilot having a girl's voice and since LR did not have the foresight to include a male pilots voice, following advice found on the X-Plane forum I switched the names of the voice folders in the "\X-Plane 11\Resources\default scenery\default atc\voices" directory, thinking that surely since nobody from X-Plane replied in the forum "Don't do that!" the two folders must be duplicates of each other.

Apparently not.  A bunch of the .wav files found in the "default" folder do not exist in the "default pilot" folder.  According to the log.txt file the game was trying to play a bunch of .wav files, some of them ATC related that so far as X-Plane was concerned "didn't exist".  I checked both folders and sure enough, they are not duplicates of each other.

Who was the genius who decided all X-Plane pilots were female?