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i bough x plane 11 on dvd with the activation key code but i can not activate the key  it mark wrong key code

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Hi! I'm sorry, I am afraid that we do not include digital keys with our DVD sets.
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sorry i was talking aboutregistration key how do i get x plane 11 working
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Hi, Okay! Where are you running into trouble?
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Hi harfango,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Like you I also have the disc set version of X-Plane 11.  If your set is from Aerosoft the registration/activation key supplied is a "con" or "ploy" to get you to purchase further items from them at a possible discount rate.  It has no impact, as you have found, on allowing you to run X-Plane.

Because you have installed the disc version, disc 1 has to be inserted in your disc drive at all times.  If not the program will automatically revert to the demo mode.  A pain in the backside as there is always a risk the disc will become damaged.  

From previous correspondence I have had with Laminar Research there is no intention to create a USB dongle for X-plane 11 as was the case with X-Plane 10 as a substitute for disc 1.  Other disc users have also raised the issue hoping the backward step will be rectified.

The alternative is create an ISO disc/usb dongle, if you know how, as the working substitute.

Hope this helps.