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X plane crashes with Vive pro and Flyinside during start up I include the last part of the log if you need more please ask

0:00:29.147 I/OVR: Initializing VR Subsystem.
--=={This application has crashed!}==--
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Can i ask why you are using flyinside, when xplane nativley supports vr?

Also, restart your computer, this has fixed plugin crashes before
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I use the leap motion for hand rather than controllers
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Did the restart help?

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make sure only xplane and anything else necessary for your sim is up and no extra programs

that usually helps mine not to crash

let me know if it helps

also, you can go to task manager and see how much GPU the programs are taking up
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no the restart didn't help but no xplane crashes all the time on startup without vr I have removed it in steam and re installed but still crashes . I will delete it again and try to find any files relating to X plane and try again