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I'm looking to share some fun with friends on X-Plane 11 in multi-crew (cockpit shared, a pilot and a copilot).

For doing it, we must install a plugin for this, called SmartCopilot (and a .cfg file). But it don't work if not using a P2P connexion software...Much of them are verry expensive...

The plug-in work nicely (apparently ?), but have some issues and is definititively a nightmare to make it run properly and whitout buying a P2P connection software.

Why not developping an option/mod in X-Plane to include the multicrew directly in the native X-Plane Software ?

It will really helpfull and will add an other dimension to this simulator. Also it will open doors to all the community (don't feel alone anymore in your airliner ! Beeing two inside a airliner is natural XD).

We really need it !

Lot of my friends stoped to play X-Plane because the actual limitation of the multi-player/crew...But all agree that X-Plane is great. I'm almost sure that X-Plane community and Laminar Research will win lot of by including a simple multicrew possiblity.

Ayway, i need to know what solutions exist to make properly work the multi-crew and maybe...easly and for free XD. Any infos or ideas ?

Thanks !


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An easy way to play multiplayer is by going to Settings/Network/Multiplayer and then put the persons IPv4 address to join their server keep the port as it is. But i dont know how to get a Multicrew aircraft.

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I was just looking that up, vastim should make it i might contact them

let me know if you figure anything else out