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hello, me and a friend tried to multiplayer using each other Ip adress , we both opened 49000/49001 port , but we are getting an error saying that the udp protocol failed either because another copy of xplane is running or because we dont have ipv6 enabled wich is not the case! I would love some help , I attached the log file below :

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One of you has IPv6 privacy enabled.

0:00:04.048 I/NET: OS has RFC 4941 Privacy Extensions for IPv6 *enabled*, using TEMPORARY IPv6 addresses
0:00:04.048 I/NET: Ethernet (Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V)
0:00:04.048 I/NET: Ethernet (Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V) 2a01:cb14:7df:9a00:b425:dd51:dfa1:80ab
0:00:04.048 I/NET: (RakNet) Init: Successful!
0:00:04.048 E/NET: Failed to init legacy *SEND* socket, check log lines above for details!

The answers are all there
"Be sure that IPv6 support is on, and restart your computer to be sure that no other instance of X-Plane is running in the background. If it still fails, please check the Log.txt file for entries of type E/NET and W/NET for details."

E/NET search gives the bottom line in my exerpt above. W/NET finds no entries....