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Does anyone have advice on a video card that would be super good for xplane?

I have a bunch of RX 580 8gb cards.  What is the deal with using 2 cards, is that SLI?

What is the maximum number of monitors I can run?

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Hi N958DC,

I am not with Laminar Research or Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Considering your login name, you have an association with an aircraft with the same registration and most likely living in the USA.

Have a look at the videos in the following link found at produced by Michael Brown.  Michael owns and operates a PC supplier company called XForcePC and Laminar Research recommends this company to supply PCs capable of running X-Plane.

In particular have a look at a video created about 3 weeks ago whereby Michael performs comparison tests with the RX580 card.  

I understand this is an AMD card.  AMD GPUs and CPUs haven't performed as well as NVidia GPUs and Intel CPUs.  

Unless changes are made in the planned 11.30 release, X-Plane does not work in SLI mode.

How many monitors.  Consider the advice in the videos from Michael.  If you live in the USA contact Michael for confirmation.

Good luck


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SLI is a function of the NVidia drivers .

My understanding is that Nvidia are reluctant to develop bespoke drivers unless the market makes it worthwhile.

So you will see SLI support for the major mass market shoot-em-up games but XP has ,so far , not been supported for this purpose by NV.

There is a wikipedia article on SLI which is worth a quick 2 minute scan to understand the history and how its implemented.