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So I have a simulator setup with four monitors running at 1920*1080, 60HZ. I noticed that with three monitors and everything running at max settings except anti-aliasing at 4x SSAA, I get around 40 fps and about 92% of GPU load, which is decent. However, as soon as I configure the fourth monitor, the fps drops to 10 and surprisingly, the GPU load is only 20%. I have a GTX 1080 and i7 4790k with 32g of memory, which I think is a decent setup.

Any clue on why this is happening? And though I know that x plane 11 does not support SLI in general, will SLI solve this particular problem? Thank you very much.

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It sounds like the 4th monitor has exceeded the capabilities of either the CPU or GPU... and has driven down the frame rates.   We are working on optimizing the X-Plane 11 code and the speed should improve in future updates
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Thanks for the answer.

However, my confusion is that since neither CPU (load 45%) and GPU (load 35%) shows the sign of overloading when I am running a 4 monitor setup, it does not seem to be a computing power problem to me. You sure it is the problem with CPU or GPU? If so, would a SLI help?
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It's not that simple... just looking at the load.   I'm not one of the developers at Laminar but I understand it has to do with how much power the rendering process is taking.  In other words, it can be overloading that part of the process but the total load on the CPU and GPU can still

be well under 100% overall.