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Does that card supply three screens. Looking to upgrade my PC. Do I take it to a geek. or is it a easy DIY thing.             Thanks, C

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A good 9 Series Video card from Nvidia will fit the bill. If I were you I would wait till June/July because Nvidia just released their 1080 and 1070 GPU and those are 4x faster than the Titan and its half the price. Also keep in mind that XP doesn't support SLI (dual cards) yet. As for the workload, it isn't that bad, just properly set the card into the motherboard YouTube it if you don't understand (make sure it supports the card and also check how much power it must get ex: 970 requires 550 watts to operate at the MINIMUM! As for a 3 monitor setup, I believe you need 3 independent PC's to power each screen. Cooling must be good as well.

What are your specs?

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I have a CyberPowerPC

Quad -core  processor AMD FX (tm) 4300

3.8 GHz   8 GB RAM  

Windows 10

I use it to run X-plane 10 ONLY
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Those specs are good but the RAM will probably be an issue. Sure you could still run XP but if you start to add fancy addons, it will run out. I used to have 8 GB and the moment, I started XP, RAM began to get used till it was at 7+ usage. I got 8 more for $40 and now I have 16.

You can always test the demo of XP to see if your system will handle it.

I also had major overheating issues for my CPU ( My PC is built mainly for XP). If you want a good CPU cooler for around $50, a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is perfect. I have that one and my temps stay around 75 degrees.

My specs :

MSI Z87-G41 Motherboard

Intel I7 CPU @3.5 ghz

Nvidia GTX 970 4gb

Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler

16 gb RAM

Hope this helps,

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Hi Craig,

Having looked at your comment following Rishi's initial answer I am of the opinion that your system is based on AMD ie your motherboard is AMD technology based to take the AMD style CPU.  Your graphics card therefor also needs to be AMD suitable.

Like Rishi I am also Nvidia based with my system.

My understanding of what DirectX is about, it is part of the technology of the card.  Version 11 is the latest technology.  I don't fully understand its functionality.  What you need to be concerned about is all of the other specifications of the card particularly consideering how many and what type of screen connections you have ie DVI, HDMI and or Display Port. 

If your card can support three screen then use it.  It should at least have somewhere in the order of 3 or 4Gb of video memory for best results.  Preferrably 4 Gb.  As Rishi has mentioned you can't run 2 identical cards in X-plane hard connected to operate as one, ie SLI technology.  You don't need to run an additional computer for each screen.  Have a look at the referenced Youtube videos below.

An alternative method of connecting 3 screens is using the Matrox Triple Head to Go (TH2G) unit which allows you to connect the TH2G unit to one video port on your card and then connect your three screens to the TH2G unit.  There are some good details through a Google search.

One of the problems with multiple screen viewing is a small difference in alignment ie one edge of one screen does not align with the image on the adjacent screen.  Matrox includes software to assist in the alighnment process.  If you were using a Nvidia card there is software available to compensate alignment as well.

If you haven't purchased your three screens as yet you need to consider the following irrespective of what screen size you want to use:-

1.  All screens/monitors should be of the same make and specifications ie brand, size and refresh rate.  The faster the better ie 1ms rather than 5ms plus.

2.  Make sure the screens have the same pixel size (the smaller the better) and they are at least 1920 x 1080 specifications.  See the reference below from Michael discussing as one of his videos, the use of 4K screens/monitors.

3. Subject to pricing (dictates screen size affordability) try and obtain screens that have inbuilt Free-sync,  If using a Nvidia card make sure G-sync is available.  What this means is that the lagging between screens is dramatically reduced ie the three screens are syncronised with each other.

Have a look at the videos by Michael from X-force PC.  This company is the recommended company by Laminar Research for the supply of PCs assembled specifically for X-plane.  I understand this is a sideline company operated by curent X-plane emplyees.  Michael has produced a number of informative videos on several aspects of setting up your hardware dedicated to X-plane.  Here is the link   Michael also discusses using/running X-plane on multiple computers/ hard drives instead of networking an additional computer.

In addition have a look at videos from Wycliffe Barrett at the following link  He has some interesting videos. In particular have a look at his video titled "3 Life hacks" (video 142) produced about 3 months ago on the backup of X-plane and running the software on an additional hard drive in your machine instead of networking an additional computer.

Consider upgrading your RAM to 16Gb.  Michael has some comments about RAM in one of his recent videos.

Hope this all helps.