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Did the original poster manage to resolve this issue, as I am suddenly getting the same error when loading XP11.26 . I have completely reinstalled X-Plane into the same directory, updated to 11.26 but cannot resolve it and XP11 CTDs immediately after receiving this error.  If I open a specific airport in WED, and click on Library objects in the left pane, I can see this 'tug.obj' object under Lib/airport/vehicles/pushback but I cannot find it anywhere within the XP11 folders using the search function in Explorer.  Where should this file be and why has updating XP11 using the installer not resolved the issue?

0:03:04.261 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

0:03:04.261 E/SYS: | Could not open traffic object!

0:03:04.261 E/SYS: | lib/airport/vehicles/pushback/tug.obj

0:03:04.261 E/SYS: |

0:03:04.261 E/SYS: |

0:03:04.261 E/SYS: | (traf_init.cpp:643)

0:03:04.261 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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